Various Projections | 2007

By admin, December 15, 2007

Installation, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Plastic bucket, wooden stick, stone, branch from a tree, pedestal,
single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 7:51 min

A video is projected on a stone that has been placed on a small pedestal, onto a branch hanging from the ceiling and a bucket and onto a wooden stick attached to the wall. While the video interacts with the objects, a soundtrack plays — powerfully triggering our imagination as we watch the piece evolve. The objects were all found in the desert around Scottsdale, Arizona, apart from the wooden stick that was from the storage of the Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art. SMoCA commissioned this piece, and Sæbjörnsson decided to work with his preconceived ideas about Arizona and with the mutual qualities of all places ( questioning notions of the unique ). He took objects that can be found in almost any place in the world — a plastic bucket, a wooden stick and a stone — and projected different kinds of images onto them to create various assumptions within the spectator. There is a figurative element, in which images of the desert landscape with its saguaro cactuses and “rocky mountains” interact with the objects. Another segment of the work is based on simple abstract forms that seem to change the nature of the objects. In this way “various projections” are used to create different interpretations of the same objects.

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