Kaskade | 2014

By admin, May 22, 2014

Permanent site-specific light art installation on front facade of Kunstmuseum Ahlen
Ahlen – Westfalen, Germany

Dimensions: 15 m wide and 20 m tall. Mast with projector: 11 meters high. Distance from Mast to roof: 19 meters.

1. prize in a restricted artist contest in August 2013, arranged by the Theodor F.-Leifeld-Foundation in occasion of Kunstmuseum Ahlen’s 20th birthday. The project is part of HELLWEG – ein LICHTWEG and was generously financed by the Art and Culture Programme of the Land North-Rhine Westphalia as well as the Theodor F. Leifeld-Foundation.

Description: The piece was chosen from a line of proposals for illuminating the buildings of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen. The work is turned on every day at dusk and goes on until about 01:00 AM after midnight. The idea comes from the original roof, as it is very inviting to project on it. The lines are created in a 3D program and are mapped onto the center building of the museum to run smoothly over the roof. These lines are some of the simplest forms that one can project onto an object or a place to both emphasize and alter it. They somehow display the roofs in a clear manner and draw forth their shapes, but at the same time create something new within them, as the curved shapes of the center building form a perfect platform on which the lines can play and form a sort of waterfall of light. The general nature of the piece is rather reduced to give space to other things in the environment, yet still draws quite a bit of attention as a result of its location at the beginning of the city’s main pedestrian shopping street. To break up the minimal flow of lines, once a day, a small girl with a big yellow miner’s helmet appears in the projection and walks and jumps around on the roofs, fixing them with a large hammer, riding a bike, kicking a football, or just looking around. Her existence is inspired by the legendary computer game MarioBros and the barrel-shaped roofs that resemble levels in old computer games. She is also a little bit like the CooCoo of a CooCoo Clock, appearing only scarcely, although on fixed hours, for the children not to get disappointed by missing out.

Kaskade Short film 720 from Egill's Studio on Vimeo.

Photos: Hubert Kamper

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