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You take all my time | 2002 – 2003

By admin, February 15, 2003

Translucent screen, MDF, microphone, microphone stand,
dual-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 9:20 min

In the middle of a room is a small stage that looks like an island. There is a piece of land with some bushes on it, and there is a translucent screen at the back of it. On one of the bushes is a funny face that tries to sing along with Sæbjörnsson as he enters the stage to sing a song. On the back screen there is an image of a rural landscape, in which we see the moon in the sky above a small house. The moon as well as the three minstrel players who appear out of the grass to sing back-up vocals are all played by Sæbjörnsson. An airplane passes by and drops an atomic
bomb, and the moon gets very angry at the bush in the front, because it is apparently unable to shut up. Both an installation and a performative piece, the work is based on the idea of a three-dimensional music video for one of Sæbjörnsson’s own compositions. Sæbjörnsson has mentioned that he sees songs as little images, as little worlds that form like bubbles around our heads while we listen to them. The stage becomes a little bubble in the middle of the exhibition space as we watch Sæbjörnsson perform his song about someone taking all of his time …