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Three daily exercises | 2007

By admin, November 15, 2007

Installation and performance, Kölnischer Kunstverein
Dimensions variable
Duration: 25 min

The performance in three acts starts with the artist entering a room set up with three small stages. On the first stage is a small piano. Sæbjörnsson sits down at the piano and plays a song about delving into oneself to find treasures. Then, Sæbjörnsson stands up and reads an article about the “Development of a Positive Character” from a magazine. The second act takes place on the second stage, where there is a chair draped with a sheet. Sæbjörnsson walks to the chair, takes the sheet, covers himself and sits down on the chair. A video is then projected over him and the wall behind him, in which Sæbjörnsson walks to a table, sits down, eats carrot cake and drinks black tea. The video image fits exactly onto Sæbjörnsson’s figure hidden beneath the cloth, so that it appears as if he is there but not there at the same time. In the video he talks about how much he is enjoying this moment of solitude and relaxation in the middle of the day. The third part takes place on the third small stage, where there is a red box. Sæbjörnsson stands on the stage and a video with a character named Jörgen appears above the piano on stage one. Sæbjörnsson and Jörgen hold a conversation, in which Jörgen constantly wants to know what is inside this red box. Sæbjörnsson goes and removes one object after the other from inside the box. Each time Jörgen is very happy, because inside each object — whether a letter, a purse, a box, a boot or whatever — is a beautiful yellow flower. Jörgen’s goal is to get lots of flowers. In the end he is very successful, because a flower is hidden inside all the objects, and the flowers are gathered in a vase standing on a table near by. Sæbjörnsson says that the work is about practicing positive occurrences in life. He talks about these “positive occurrences” as a “life philosophy,” and he wants to show how ideas and ideologies can serve as the color pallets we use to paint the world we live in.