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Wall to Wall | 2008

By admin, November 15, 2009

Installation, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent
In collaboration with Karolin Tampere
Wool, Harry Potter poster, fake Donald Judd sculpture, dummy of
a child sitting at a table and surfing the Internet, antique telephone,
tiny shelf, ventilation fans, dual-channel video projection, music, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 63 min

Entering the room, one sees two video projections on the two end walls of the space. The videos show two individual characters talking to each other about their lives and experiences as two walls in this space. They discuss what they see in the room: a Donald Judd sculpture hanging on the wall, a large poster of Harry Potter and a kid sitting at a table and relentlessly surfing the Internet. They also see the people coming into the room. As they talk about these topics, their appearances change. When they talk about Harry Potter, they change into Harry Potter. When they talk about Donald Judd, they start to look a bit like
the sculpture. They also talk about how in the past, only 25,000 years ago, Neanderthals still existed, and they discuss the Abominable Snowman. They wonder what the people in the room are doing, and they wonder if they themselves are real, or if they are just playing a role in a play written by a group of people.