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Original Handbags | 2008

By admin, December 15, 2008

Installation, Olchewski & Behm, Projektraum 4, Mannheim
8 Handbags, video and sound
Choreography: Egill Sæbjörnsson & Marcia Moraes
Dimensions variable
Duration: 6:30 min

Eight handbags of different sizes, shapes and colors hang in a loose arrangement on the wall, with a video projection of the same bags superimposed on them. The projected handbags begin a choreographed dance. They twist and turn and twirl and sing together (“We are all of the same origin,” “We are all still, but we move,” etc.) They are accompanied by sounds produced by a voice and a bell. The score contains both rhythmic and non-rhythmic elements and compliments the movements of the bags,
which sometimes move in sync, sometimes individually.