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Ghostrider | 2010

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By admin, April 16, 2010

Installation, Licht Kunst Biennale, Hamm.
Description: Motorbike, tripple channel video and sound.
Dimensions variable
Duration: aprox. 7 min.

A white motorbike stands in the centre of an abandonned attic in Hamm, Germany. The motorbike is serving as a projection screen of projections from three videoprojectors. Different light circumstances were created around the motorbike, recorded and projected back on the motorbike. Sæbjörnsson and his assistant Marí-Bernaus are seen walking around the motorbike throwing different colours, light and shadows on it. In between there are animated parts with shapes and colours. The music written and performed by Sæbjörnsson sets a strong emotional accent on the experience of the piece so that the motorbike becomes partly a musical object, like a singer in a music video or a concert.

Pictures by © Rainer Schlautmann