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The Wall | 2005

By admin, June 15, 2007

Installation, Momentum 2006,
4th Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss
Wall, pink jacket, plastic bag, cardboard box, single-
channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 18 min

The installation consists of a wall with objects. A pink jacket and a plastic bag from a German supermarket hang on the wall, and a cardboard box is placed in front of it. A video projector casts an image over the entire wall and the objects, which interact with the action in the video. Things evolve slowly; one scene changes into the next. As the viewer is taken from one place to the other, animations and sounds weave this dreamlike story into a 18-minute-long séance of abstract and figurative scenarios.

An idear for twhoo feet, two hands & 4 corners | 2005

By admin, November 15, 2005

Performance and installation, De Appel, Amsterdam,
originally commissioned by Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery in Berlin
Stage, flower, building stones, wooden sticks, small ladder, chair, guitar,
paper cup, record sleeves, clock, paper, plastic plants, schnapps
glasses, toy pistol, ping-pong balls, tape, a drummer and a flutist
Dimensions variable
Duration: 21:57 min

In this performance Sæbjörnsson talks with a characternamed Jörgen. They hold a flowing conversation, in which the artist tries to force Jörgen to tell him how many hands he has, how tall he is and to express himself in an intellectual way. Jörgen has a very strong will and refuses to participate in this conversation. He answers whatever he likes, and in the end he is the winner, because he gets Sæbjörnsson to sing songs with him. The songs are quite childish, but Jörgen seems to love them the more simple they are. On the side of the stage a drummer and a flutist play along, and Sæbjörnsson plays guitar during the songs. After about 15 minutes Jörgen falls asleep, and Sæbjörnsson starts interacting with the video image by performing various kinds of magic tricks. This part of the performance is different from the first, more abstract and non-narrative but based on the same objects as the first part.

The Box | 2005

By admin, September 15, 2005

Installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Bedsheet, cardboard box, spiral, book, fork, knife, spoon, plate, teacup,
glass, vase, drawing, frame, single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 34 min

To the viewer, different things appear to jump out of a box. A tiger emerges with a big roar. A red balloon rises with a squeaky sound, explodes and then changes into a bird that flies frantically as log drums beat in the background. The bird then changes into a bucket that begins to fall, but before hitting the ground it transforms into a thunderbird that darts here and there to the sound of gunshots until it finally changes into an evil cloud accompanied by a horror movie soundtrack. This sequence of images is made by using a video projection that interacts with real objects and the wall behind them.