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Wall to Wall | 2008

By admin, November 15, 2009

Installation, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent
In collaboration with Karolin Tampere
Wool, Harry Potter poster, fake Donald Judd sculpture, dummy of
a child sitting at a table and surfing the Internet, antique telephone,
tiny shelf, ventilation fans, dual-channel video projection, music, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 63 min

Entering the room, one sees two video projections on the two end walls of the space. The videos show two individual characters talking to each other about their lives and experiences as two walls in this space. They discuss what they see in the room: a Donald Judd sculpture hanging on the wall, a large poster of Harry Potter and a kid sitting at a table and relentlessly surfing the Internet. They also see the people coming into the room. As they talk about these topics, their appearances change. When they talk about Harry Potter, they change into Harry Potter. When they talk about Donald Judd, they start to look a bit like
the sculpture. They also talk about how in the past, only 25,000 years ago, Neanderthals still existed, and they discuss the Abominable Snowman. They wonder what the people in the room are doing, and they wonder if they themselves are real, or if they are just playing a role in a play written by a group of people.

Original Handbags | 2008

By admin, December 15, 2008

Installation, Olchewski & Behm, Projektraum 4, Mannheim
8 Handbags, video and sound
Choreography: Egill Sæbjörnsson & Marcia Moraes
Dimensions variable
Duration: 6:30 min

Eight handbags of different sizes, shapes and colors hang in a loose arrangement on the wall, with a video projection of the same bags superimposed on them. The projected handbags begin a choreographed dance. They twist and turn and twirl and sing together (“We are all of the same origin,” “We are all still, but we move,” etc.) They are accompanied by sounds produced by a voice and a bell. The score contains both rhythmic and non-rhythmic elements and compliments the movements of the bags,
which sometimes move in sync, sometimes individually.

Pleasure Stones | 2008

By admin, October 15, 2008

Installation, I8 Gallery, Art Forum, Berlin
Lava stones, pedestal, single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 7 min

Two lava stones sit on a pedestal in a dimly lit room. They are naturally red-brown in color and have a rough surface. One stone is bigger than the other, and they face each other slightly. A video projector is positioned in front of them, and it casts a video partly onto the stones and partly onto the wall behind them. The video and the accompanying sound bring the stones to life. They speak,
change color, and in the end they even sing while radiating kaleidoscopic forms in a kind of volcanic eruption or explosion.

Drei Flaschen (Three bottles) | 2008

By admin, July 15, 2008

Installation, I8 Gallery, Reykjavik
Glass bottles, cooking pot, silver tape, mirror, pedestal,
single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 5:30 min

A pedestal is topped with a mirror surface, and three glass bottles have been placed on the mirror. Set at a distance of 1.5 meters from the pedestal, a video projector casts colorful images onto the bottles, so that the shadows of the bottles are thrown onto the wall behind them. Hitting the bottles, the light creates a prismatic effect throughout the space. The video consists of hand-drawn animated balloon-like shapes fluttering around and alternating with colorful lines that sweep across the bottles and shift the refraction of the light. For the soundtrack Sæbjörnsson whistled into the neck of a bottle, and this recording was then digitally manipulated.

Kugeln | 2008

By admin, May 15, 2008

Installation, I8 Gallery, Reykjavik
Plastic buckets, mop, broom,
pedestal, single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 13 min

Objects that look as if they were discarded by a cleaning company are arranged together on a pedestal. Buckets have carelessly been left next to each other, and a broom is simply resting on a pedestal. Superimposed onto the objects is a video of white lines and white dots, which illuminates the objects as well as creating a prismatic effect. Light forms sprout from the plastic objects and expand into the environment: Large colorful circles and lines are drawn across the walls, the floor and the ceiling. The video and the shadows cast by the objects can be seen on the wall. The soundtrack has been created from a recording of insects in a rainforest outside Rio de Janeiro.

Egill Sæbjörnsson – Kugeln, Drei Steine, Drei Flaschen, 2008 from Egill's Studio on Vimeo.

Drei Steine | 2008

By admin, January 15, 2008

Installation, I8 Gallery, Reykjavik
Stones, pedestal, single-channel video projection, sound
Dimensions variable
Duration: 10 min

Three cobblestones sit on a pedestal. They face each other slightly. A video projection illuminates the stones from one meter away. The stones are glowing. Blending with their open granite structure in a luminous effect, the video projection also lands on the wall behind. The stones seem to float, present and absent at the same time. In the background we hear sounds of boulders rubbing against each other, sounds recorded using the three stones and then manipulated.