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Bonsai | 2014

By admin, January 8, 2015

Installation, Hopstreet Gallery, Sint-Jorisstraat 109 Rue Saint-Georges B-1050 Brussels

Description: A bonsai tree stands 60 cm away from the wall and the video projector, which, situated 80 cm from the tree, projects a video onto the tree and the wall behind. In the video there is a colorful sky image that colors the tree and the wall behind. Every now and then, firework-like balls fly out of the tree as if the tree were shooting them out. The balls fly in articulated paths through the air and explode with popping sounds. From each exploded ball there is smoke that flies across the sky and slowly evaporates.

Dimensions: With 92 cm, depth: 140 cm, height: 90 cm (variable)

The idea is that the tree, as a living being, performs some sort of a musical act by throwing out these firework-like balls that give sounds when they explode. The tree can be seen as a musical instrument, a musical performer, and as a part of the score of its own music as well. The visual side also plays a similar role to that of a music video for a pop song. The bonsai is at once the musical score, the sound of the music, the performer, the video, and the concert.

Bonsai 2014 from Egill's Studio on Vimeo.